It’s SPOTROCKING Time! Together with the video contest platform SPOTROCKER, Wera have launched a rebellious video contest: Be a Tool Rebel, and you can all get involved!  😎

We are looking for unusual, surprising and enormously contagious spots (commercials), which spread and intensify the Wera Tool Rebel Fever worldwide. The guiding principle is that life can be better and more attractive when things are simply approached from a completely different angle. What counts, is your high viral potential upon your creation!

Everyone can win – because a share of the 10,000 € prize pot will be awarded between the creators/producers of the 5 best spots and the 10 most active voters! The upload deadline is August 18th 2017 😲 So be quick, to ensure your spot can meet it’s maximum viral potential!

To take part it’s crucial to meet the brief. If you need the brief in English please join SPOTROCKER first and then send your “Request for Wera brief in English” directly to together with your SPOTROCKER’s username and registered email address.

Take part, go out, be creative and get attention! We are ready and look forward to your gripping spots! 

Do you want to see the details and learn more: (German Site – we recommend using your browsers translate page function, the process is broken down below).

German law shall apply, and further rules, regulations and processes are at SPOTROCKER’s discretion. Should you need further help or clarification you can message us via Social Media following the appropriate links:

Wera UK: Twitter or Facebook @weratoolsuk

Wera North America: Facebook @WeraToolsNA

Wera Netherlands: Facebook @Weragereedschap

Get involved: The process is simple but with a slight complication for non-German speaking users. The steps have been broken down for clarity:

  1. Follow the link above to the SPOTROCKER site – if possible translate the page using your browsers translate function.
  2. Sign up to the site – allowing your participation in both creating a spot and the voting process.
  3. Email to request the full English brief. You will need to include your SPOTROCKER username – which is generated upon registering, and the email address you used to sign up.
  4. Create your ingenious SPOT following the brief and upload.
    OR – sit back, relax, enjoy other people’s entries and VOTE for your favourites!

About SPOTROCKER is the unique online platform for commercial crowdsourcing, where users produce, vote and distribute various, authentic commercials on brief for brands. The best commercials get awarded as well as the most active users. Key is, that it is not about producing high gloss commercials, but it is rather about the idea, authenticity, credibility, impact and virality. Users get remarkable high cash prizes and build up references, reputation and direct contacts to brands – without any application processes.

Since the obligatory terms of use are in German, here are some crucial aspects in English you need to meet in order to participate successfully per video:
– You need to have all the rights and no rights of third parties are infringed.
– Your video must not have been published yet anywhere else before it gets published on SPOTROCKER.
– You are allowed to utilize stock materials but the licenses need to meet the terms of use of SPOTROCKER, which essentially correspond to the CC Public Domain license (CC 0, not CC BY!).

If you need a little inspiration, you can check out our Tool Rebel videos at the Wera Tool Rebels YouTube page.