Hello, and welcome to our underused Tool Rebel kingdom that is ToolRebels.com. With many new followers and Rebels joining us all the time, it’s likely this is your first visit.. please feel free to have a look around, we hope there’s a lot more to come very soon.

So, The Tool Rebel Premier League (#TRPL) will return for the 18/19 season. Confirmed. If you are familiar with it not a lot will change, the casual nature and low-priority of the competition will likely continue, though we hope to bring a little more structure and focus in the new season. Minor changes like announcing what prizes will be much earlier and being on the ball with results will make a welcomed improvement to what is a great side-note to our community.

With (THE) Jeff Stelling coming out on top last season, and serial winner Jimmy Harvey of Total Plumbing taking the top Tool Rebel prize, it’ll be great to see some new faces involved and challenging for prizes this year.

The intro, instructions and T&C’s are below, but in summary we’re looking at:


  • Fantasy Football League
  • Coverage in the Tool Rebel Social Media Community
  • Wera Prizes. (Monthly, and some spot prizes too!)

What is the #TRPL?

As above, it’s a Fantasy League, with Wera prizes. You pick your dream Premier League XI before starting again in a bid to sneak under the £100m budget, select a witty, yet appropriate Team Name and sit and watch the points roll in.

The prizes and winners will be introduced and announced through our Social Media accounts @weratoolsuk throughout the duration of the season and generally consist of ex-demo and discontinued lines with some ‘merch’ and new things occasionally in the mix too. Of course if you have any questions, as ever, you can ask those via Social Media too.

How to get involved:

  1. Sign Up / Log In to the free Sky Sports Fantasy Football League.
  2. Follow the steps to create your Fantasy Football Team.
  3. Once you’re set up you will have the option to CREATE or JOIN a league. Select JOIN and enter the LEAGUE PIN: 8397887.
  4. Sit back, relax and keep your eyes peeled on our Social Media accounts for news regarding prizes and winners! Don’t forget to track your progress & make transfers where necessary.
  5. Make sure you get in by 7pm – Friday 10th August 2018 to be involved for Game Week 1!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The game and prizes are intended to be ‘a bit of fun’ between the Tool Rebel Community. Please help us to keep it that way, your co-operation is appreciated.
  2. Wera accept no liability for the game as it is run and administered by Sky Sports. Wera will submit a team and take part, being responsible only for administering the Monthly and Overall prizes. (I.e. the running of the game is at the discretion of Sky Sports!)
  4. Prize-giving, & the running of the league will ultimately be at the discretion of the gamekeeper – Wera Tools (UK) Ltd.
  5. A number of Wera employee’s will be in the league, this year, we can win prizes too! Though, any internal winners will be pressured to leave the prize in the pot and roll it over to the following month!
  6. Sharing, retweeting & tagging your friends in the Social Media post that led you to this page is encouraged and will enter you into a Prize Draw for the first Spot Prize of the season!

Good Luck,