Bit-Profiler "Take-it-Easy"

What it can do
Who hasn't also experienced it: Bits galore in the toolbox, but exactly the right one is always missing. Eternal searching, misappropriating the wrong bit profiles or stealing from a colleague? These are now things of the past! With our new Bit-Profiler "Take-it-Easy", we are launching a masterpiece of engineering and a world first that will set new standards in the entire tool industry.
How it works
You need the right bit again? Simply insert either the 25mm or 50mm bit blank into the bit profiler, select the right profile and size and off you go! The mechanical power transmission of the Wera patented twirling rod activates a hydraulic press in the device and produces the right bit for you in just a few seconds. Without any external power supply, sustainable, environmentally friendly and future-oriented.
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Produce according to your needs
Often just one bit is missing from the tool set, or only a certain bit is needed for work. Then the right bit is missing or has already been used up. Annoying! Many people know these problems and they are now a thing of the past! With the Bit-Profiler "Take-it-Easy", bits can be produced according to your own needs and are therefore always at hand.
4-way profile selection
The 4-way profile selection with "take-it-easy" tool finder sets the required screw profile for production by pressing the button. TORX®, PH, PZ and hexagon socket bits can be selected and profiled. The profile size can be easily read off and individually adjusted via the control element on the top.
Bit blanks
The bit blanks are clamped in the lateral profile chuck to be secured against unwanted slipping out during profiling. The blanks for the "Take-it-Easy" Bit-Profiler are available in 25mm and 50mm lengths and are suitable for TORX®, PH, PZ and hexagon socket bits as raw material.
Bit manual lathe
Producing bits according to your own needs makes for space in the toolbox!