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Compact Screwdriver Bottle Opener

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Our hero products

Here in the Tool Rebel Shop you will find a very special selection of tools from Wera: All the sets offered are made of 100% well-known Wera quality, but are unique in their composition and come in special Tool Rebel packaging and bags. Each tool set contains at least one absolute hero product. Click here to learn more about what makes our tools so special.

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Who are the Tool Rebels?

Wera created the Tool Rebels to offer all screwdrivers and hobbyists a community. We are like you: screwdrivers through and through. The expression tool rebel (from Latin rebellis, "rebellious") refers to someone who takes unusual paths and reinvents tools, so to speak. Who is not satisfied with existing standards. Who likes to question the status quo.

The term came about when we, the screwdriving tool manufacturer Wera, asked our customers what they thought of us. Many customers describe Wera employees as Tool Rebels because they have worked out unusual problem solvers, are in a good mood and live rock 'n' roll! The term "Wera Tool Rebels" was born!

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Personalized tool

The highlight: Here you can get the special tool gift personalized with your desired lasering. A tool personalized with engraving is a very special surprise for every screwdriver and, thanks to its durable quality, a faithful companion in all situations. Whether you want a personalized tool with a name or a funny saying - you'll find it here.

But we offer even more: You can have your tool engraved with your name or treat yourself to a starter set, for example a tool set for the household or one with the well-known Wera “Zyklop Speed” ratchet. You will also find the popular Wera merchandise here, from the screwdriver hoodie to the iconic Wera bottle opener. Enjoy browsing and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, our support is just as on the ball as our product development!