The difference between PH and PZ screws and screwdrivers


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between PH and PZ screws and screwdrivers? This difference is extremely important when working with screws, but is often not known. By knowing the difference between PH and PZ, you can choose the right screwdriver for the job. The matching tool for the screw simplifies your work and extends its service life.

From Phillips to Pozidriv screwdrivers

PH and PZ belong to the category of Phillips screws. PH stands for Phillips screws, while PZ stands for Pozidriv screws. The name of the screwdriver is made up of the type of screw head, such as PH, PZ, TX or SL, and the size indication. The full labelling of the screwdriver could be PH 1, PH 2 or PH 3, for example.

The Phillips screwdriver was developed by Henry F. Phillips in the 1930s and revolutionised the industry. PH screwdrivers are the older version, also known as Phillips. Over time, it became apparent that this type of screwdriver was not ideal for screwdriving work requiring a lot of force. For this reason, the Pozidriv screwdriver was developed as an improved version of the Phillips screwdriver.

PH or PZ: What's the difference?

Recognising and differentiating between PH and PZ screws and screwdrivers is very easy. Just look at the screw head or the tip of the screwdriver and note the pattern. A simple cross pattern indicates a Phillips (PH) screwdriver, while a star pattern indicates a Pozidriv (PZ) screwdriver.

PZ screwdrivers have additional wedges in a star pattern. The pattern ensures better power transmission and reduces the likelihood of the screwdriver slipping out of the screw head.

The difference between PH and PZ screwdrivers lies not only in their design, but also in their functionality. PH screwdrivers have a simple cross-slot pattern, while PZ screwdrivers are equipped with additional edges in a star pattern.

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