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Wacken Set 2

59,00 €

Wacken Set 2

  • Premium 15-piece universal tool set for outdoor use
  • Stubby magazine holder including 6 BiTorsion bits with the most important screw profiles
  • Joker 6004 S spanner with flexible mouth from 10-13 mm
  • 950 SPKS L-key for narrow working spaces
  • Joker 6003 with 15° return angle
  • In a robust light-weight folding pouch for easy transport
  • With exclusive W:O:A 3D label on the bag and on the Joker 15

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Born in Wacken on the "Holy Ground" of Heavy Metal!

With the 15-piece set Wacken 2 you are prepared for many adversities in the festival world, just like true Metalheads are. The bag fits in every backpack and the six bits in the Stubby magazine will save many a barbecue. The Hex-Plus L-keys not only look great, they also allow to reach the smallest corners, along with the screw. The headliner of this tool festival is the Joker family: Don't have the right size ready? No problem. The flexible mouth of the 6004 Joker is self-setting and adjusts effortlessly to all sizes between 10 and 13mm. The Joker 6003 manage to move every screw in tight spaces - thanks to a record-breaking return angle of 15°! The large Joker 6003 comes with a fancy W:O:A logo. A must for every Wackener and the continuation of a success story. Not only for collectors.

Quantity Article number Product name More information


811/1 Stubby Magazin



851/1 BTZ PH 1x25



851/1 BTZ PH 2x25



855/1 BTZ PZ 2x25



867/1 TORX® BTZ 20x25



867/1 TORX® BTZ 25x25



800/1 BTZ 1.0x5.5x25



6003 Joker 8



6003 Joker 15



6004 Joker S



950 SPKS Multicolour 3.0x71



950 SPKS Multicolour 4.0x80



950 SPKS Multicolour 5.0x90



950 SPKS Multicolour 6.0x100



950 SPKS Multicolour 8.0x112


K120 50.0x70.0

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The Joker when you need it

As installation spaces become tighter and tighter during screwdriving operations, tools are needed that enable users to work successfully even in such situations. Narrow installation spaces require additional attachment points for the tool. So can wrenches be modified in such a way that the tool's attachment possibilities are increased? The combination of the 7.5° swivelled jaw and the double hexagon geometry doubles the attachment points. With a repeated 180° rotation of the spanner around the longitudinal axis during screwing, there are four attachment possibilities and nuts or screw heads can be "gripped" every 15°. The Joker 6003, with its smart jaw geometry, significantly expands the range of applications in tight spaces. The Joker 6003 finds the respective attachment point by itself, so to speak, after every turn. The slim yet robust ring side is angled at 15° to the tool axis. The high-quality surface coating provides high and long-lasting corrosion protection. With Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to sizes.

You can hardly get more compact

Particularly small bit hand-holder with short bit mounting for hard to reach areas. Includes 6 bits, which are located in a magazine in the handle. With only 65mm total length, the Kraftform Kompakt Stubby is a real mini screwdriving workshop. The strong permanent magnet in the bit mounting ensures secure holding of the bit. The 2-component handle with the practical combination of hard and soft zones allows for a firm grip and precise working. Take it easy tool finder: With size stamping and colour coding by output to find the required bit easily.

You have to try this one!

Many users wish to have a universal screwdriving tool with the widest possible range of applications. It should be a single tool for multiple metric and imperial dimensions. It should automatically adjust to the different screw sizes. It should be safe to grab without damaging anything and allow for a high working speed. The continuous and parallel jaws replace several single spanner dimensions. The required size is automatically and continuously set when attaching the tool to the hexagon bolt or screw. The integrated lever mechanism securely clamps the hexagon screw or bolt between the jaws, which significantly reduces the risk of slipping or damage. The ratchet function ensures fast and consistent screwdriving without removing the tool. Thanks to the corner-width rectangular prisms, a return angle of only 30° can be realized. The single-arm design in conjunction with the ratchet function and the corner-width prism make it possible to work even in confined spaces. The adjustable Joker 6004 is the universal screwdriving tool. Self-setting. Gripping. Spanning.

Wera loves Wacken!

Wera and Wacken have a long-standing partnership.

Many Tool Rebels long to get their hands on the Wera stand at Wacken. The fun is never neglected and what could be better than working at the WOA and getting paid for it?

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