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Wera Tool Rebels

Wacken Set 2

59,00 €

Wacken Set 2

  • High-quality 15-piece universal tool set
  • With exclusive W:O:A 3D label on the box and the Joker 15
  • Perfect tool mix for outdoor use 
  • Compact box design at low weight

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Born in Wacken at the "Holy Ground" of Heavy Metal!

The Wacken Set is a tool combination that was born out of the passion for rock music. You could say it is the festival tool for planned and unpredictable screwdriving activities indoors and outdoors. The headliner of this tool festival is the Joker Family 6003 and 6004. The Joker 6004 covers all metric and inch spanner sizes in the respective application area in one tool. The 6003 Jokers are the opening act in this case and can be really celebrated with their low return angle of only 15°.

The Stubby hides a magazine with 6 common bits in its handle, which have saved many BBQs. The Hex-Plus angle spanners round off the set perfectly and add a touch of colour.

The bag and the large Joker 6003 with an original W:O:A logo are also included.
Quantity Article number Product name More information
1x 811/1 Stubby Magazin
1x 05056420001 851/1 BTZ PH 1x25 More Info
1x 05056422001 851/1 BTZ PH 2x25 More Info
1x 05056722001 855/1 BTZ PZ 2x25 More Info
1x 05066124001 867/1 TORX® BTZ 20x25 More Info
1x 05066126001 867/1 TORX® BTZ 25x25 More Info
1x 05056066001 800/1 BTZ 1.0x5.5x25 More Info
1x 05020200001 6003 Joker 8 More Info
1x 05020206001 6003 Joker 15 More Info
1x 05020100001 6004 Joker S More Info
1x 05022672001 950 SPKS Multicolour 3.0x71 More Info
1x 05022673001 950 SPKS Multicolour 4.0x80 More Info
1x 05022674001 950 SPKS Multicolour 5.0x90 More Info
1x 05022675001 950 SPKS Multicolour 6.0x100 More Info
1x 05022676001 950 SPKS Multicolour 8.0x112 More Info
1x K120 50.0x70.0
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Joker not Poker

The Joker 6003 from Wera. Your ace in the sleeve. The ingenious jaw geometry is specially designed for tight screw actions. The Joker leaves nothing to chance. Every 15° it grabs. This means that the back-swing angle of 15° is stunningly small.

It's not what it looks like

At first glance, the Kraftform Kompakt Stubby appears to be a completely normal hand holder. But it is not! A captive and swivelling bit magazine with 6 high-quality blades is integrated in the handle. With an overall length of only 65mm, it is ideally suited for confined screwdriving actions and smaller hands.

A rather flexible guy

The Joker 6004 certainly doesn't settle on one size. Its flexible jaw is designed to cover all metric and imperial sizes in the respective field of application. Once the lever-operated jaw grips, there is no escape. The stepless and parallel jaw of the Joker really bites down. Thanks to the integrated ratchet function, you can really step on the gas without skidding. The adjustable Joker 6004 is the universal screwing tool. Self-adjusting. Gripping. Ratcheting.

Wera loves Wacken!

Wera and Wacken have a long-standing partnership. Many Tool Rebels long to get their hands on the Wera stand at Wacken. The fun is never neglected and what could be better than working at the WOA and getting paid for it?

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