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6004 Joker

Self-adjusting, adjustable open-end wrench

Many users want a universal screwdriving tool with the widest possible range of applications. It should be a single tool for multiple metric and imperial dimensions. It should automatically adjust to the different screw sizes. Grab it safely, don't damage anything and enable a high working speed. The infinitely variable and parallel guided jaws replace several individual open-end spanner dimensions.

Automatically and infinitely self-adjusting

The wrench finds the required size when it is applied to the nut or screw without any adjustments.

Ratchet mechanism for fast work

The ratchet function in the jaw ensures fast and continuous screwing without stopping.

Gentle on screws

The parallel, smooth jaws allow surface pressure and can thus prevent the nut or screw head from getting damaged.

Infinitely automatically self-adjusting

The required size adjusts itself steplessly when you put it on the hexagon nut or screw.

Practical hanging hole

The Joker can be neatly stored on the workshop wall thanks to the hanging hole.


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