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hand holder

with Rapidaptor quick change chuck

High quality bit hand holder. The Rapidaptor quick-change chuck enables lightning-fast bit changes without additional tools. The strong permanent magnet holds the bits firmly. Kraftform Plus handle for comfortable, ergonomic work that avoids blisters and calluses. Hard grip zones for high working speed, while soft grip zones guarantee high torque transmission.

Rapidaptor technology

for lightning-fast changing of blades or bits

Kraftform ergonomics

for fast and ergonomic screwing

roll-off protection

Hexagonal roll-off protection against rolling away

Kraftform ergonomics

The basic idea behind the original shape of the Kraftform handle - the hand should dictate the shape of the handle - has proven to be correct to this day. Back in the 1960s, Wera worked with the world-renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering to develop a screwdriver handle that was shaped to fit the human hand. After a long period of development work, the Wera Kraftform handle was launched in 1968. To this day, it has been optimised with new technologies, but it has retained its proven shape, given that the human hand also hasn't changed since then.

Adapted to the hand

The shape of the Kraftform handle, which is perfectly adapted to the hand, prevents hand injuries such as blisters and calluses. Wera Kraftform: synonymous with ergonomics you can grasp!


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