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Zyklop Speed

Incredibly fast and incredibly flexible

We were not convinced that a ratchet could not be made faster. It also bothered us that users need many different types of ratchets to get a job done. We therefore questioned every aspect of what was usual with ratchets. The result was the Zyklop Speed ratchet. The Zyklop Speed's flywheel design ensures a very high working speed. And: The Zyklop Speed combines the advantages of 5 ratchet features in just one tool. In addition, it can be used as a screwdriver.

Quick-spin sleeve

for very high working speed

Freely swiveling ratchet head

for more flexibility

Fine toothing

Small return angle of 5°

Ball detent

Secure fit of the sockets and accessories


Right / left gear easily switchable

Adjustable head

The ratchet head can be swivelled freely and can be locked into position using the slide switch on both sides. Problem-free working with plenty of hand clearance is possible even in very tight or hard-to-reach installation situations. The defined locking at 0°, 15° and 90° to the left and right guarantees safe working without the ratchet head slipping.

Ergonomic ratchet head

The ratchet head is ergonomically designed; the finger recesses offer perfectly shaped contact surfaces for hand or fingers to turn the head.


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