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High-quality Kraftform Plus screwdrivers. Multi-component Kraftform Plus handle for comfortable, ergonomic work that avoids blisters and calluses. Hard grip zones for high working speed, while soft grip zones guarantee high torque transmission.

Kraftform ergonomics

The shape made by hand

laser tip

Laser treated blade tip

percussion cap

When things get tough!

Take it easy Tool Finder

Color coding according to profiles and size stamping

roll-off protection

With hexagonal roll-off protection against rolling away

Kraftform ergonomics

The whole hand finds contact with the handle. The smooth, hard zones glide through the hand like wheels when you change your grip and enable particularly high working speeds. The non-slip, soft zones are ideal contact surfaces for the hand and enable high power transmission.

Take it easy Tool Finder

"Take it easy" tool finder with color coding according to profile and size stamp - to find the required tool quickly and easily.


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